One Month Until Nittany Readings

There’s one month until Nittany Theatre at the Barn presents public readings of Dark Night of the Soul in Boalsburg, PA.

The theatre will be presenting the readings at 7:30 on both Wednesday, September 20th, and Thursday, September 21st. You can get tickets here.

Dark Night of the Soul won the 2017 Free Speech Play Contest offered by Nittany as a theatrical tribute to freedom of speech in the United States. The play concerns the trial of Joan of Arc in the fifteenth century.

Joan was urged to renounce her statements of faith and submit to the Church, but when she did so, she found that life is not tolerable without the ability to speak the truth. She would have been allowed to live if she had only kept her mouth shut and not returned to making statements about her former visions. Her insistence on her right to speak out–no matter what the consequences–makes her a martyr for the universal right of freedom of speech.

I’m honored that Nittany chose Dark Night of the Soul as the winner of the contest, and I hope you can join us for one of the readings. If you can’t, there will be two further readings in October in Florida. Stay tuned for more information.


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